This weekend has been very intense for the nerves and body ! It was Nationals weekend !
The last track meet of the indoor season for me because I’m not going to the European championships in Praha in March.
So I ran in the 60 and the 200. As usual nothing went as planned and it’s so funny in track how your best event can become the one you do worst in..
So my best even is the 200 BUT I got this silver medal in the 60 😁😁😁😁


So unexpected but very welcome 🙈
Then on Sunday was the 200! I was very excited and so happy to run in this event ! The problem is that it’s only 4 girls in the final and the ones who run the fastest times get the best lanes….. I don’t know what happened exactly but I got the 4th time 😩😩😩 and I had to run in lane 1! It’s not as bad as what people usually say ! It’s actually a very different feeling to run in this lane. Not the best for my long legs but still a good experience I tried my best to stick with the 3 other girls but I finished 4th not so far but still 4th 😊😜 I guess it’s the rank nobody likes but I still have time to work my way to the top 😉

Now time for a week off (🍰🍪🍫) waiting for the national head coach to decide who is selected for World Relays in BAHAMAS ☀️🌈🏃💨 in the 4×200 and 4×100. Fingers crossed..

Here’s some pictures of the weekend ! I just loved it, there were all the people I love in my track surrounding AND I am so grateful for having such amazing friends 😁🙌🙌

Special CONGRATS to the beauties Mujinga Kambundji, Lea Sprunger, Marisa Lavanchy and Fanette Humair for their good performance 👍👍👏











Let’s not be average


I wish you all had a great time for Christmas with your loved ones ❄️🎅🎄🎁 well I did but straight after eating a lot of good food, I packed my stuff for the After Christmas Training Camp! It was the most intensive 4 days I had in 3 months !
Of course I was with the best people of the country 🙌 BUT the bad thing about switzerland is the weather….


As you can see it was snowing so it got me mad every morning to walk to the indoor track for 20 mins! But anyways we had the best workout ever and I feel so in shape ! We did some starts, some speed workout, we went to the weight room, a resistance workout (THE WORST I couldn’t feel my legs anymore ..😩 pictures as a bonus at the end 😉) and of course a lot of treatment with the trainers !






We did some tests on 60 meters with no blocks and I’m happy I ran 7.38 and 7.44 ! It’s another story with the blocks knowing that I really suck but I’m working on it 👌
Im getting ready for my first track meet on January 10th and I hope the indoor season will be fun !

Little bonus if you want to see our faces after doing 2x(200-150-120) full speed






Hard work always pays off

Heyyy guys! 🌹

So as I told you on my last post, there are some new things going on in my track life 😉 Let me explain everything.

You athletes know how a coach is important in a career and how he/she can bring you to the top or all the way down too ! That’s the reason why I recently decided to entrust my track future to a great national coach in Switzerland ! He actually already coaches some of the best talents of the country Marisa Lavanchy, Léa Sprunger and Clélia Reuse 👌
Now that I’m on Team Meuwly, I expect a lot more for the future as far as my performances are concerned !

I’m not going to tell you everything about my ambitions because it could be too pretentious but let’s just say that I’m motivated like crazy !🏃

So we started training on Monday October 13th and I’m not going to lie… After 3 days I’m so sore !!! All my muscles hurt and I can barely walk but I love this feeling 😍 I know I’m working hard and HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF ! I’m doing my best and I hope I Will make some people proud.




Here are some pictures of practice today 😊😊😊 I love my teammates they are very talented and professional so I guess it’s going to help me grow up in track.



I recently had a great partnership with a well known sport food brand in Switzerland ! SPONSER is what I use now to help my muscles stay strong. I take some Recovery Shakes after hard workouts and some Maltodextrin during practice to stay as efficient as possible. 💪



Today I also had to see my doctor for the annual check up and the worst part is always the blood exam 😩 But I’m getting used to it now.


I finally got my diploma from World Juniors for our 5th place with the 4×100! I’m proud of my team 👌💞

I think I told you everything about this coming season ! I hope you stay tuned 😘

Weltklasse Zürich

Hey guys !

This Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to run at the Diamond League track meet “Weltklasse Zürich”.
I arrived there on Wednesday for a relay practice with my favorite girls 💖


We were all pretty tired because this season seems very long but we are always happy to meet all together. We had a lot of fun at the Letzigrund track.

After our intense training session we left for the Mövenpick Airport hotel. Me and my friend Ajla had an amazing room with 2 huge beds, dinner, breakfast and lunch were just on point 😍 I’m just so thankful for all these opportunities.


After a great night, at 4:50pm, it was finally time to take the shuttle going to the meet. It’s just amazing to see how natural and nice are all these international athletes !
I ran the 100 and the 4×100 but I was not really satisfied with my performance… But I obviously should because Grace Jackson saw me running from the bleachers and asked the president about me to coach me !
Just to let you know Grace Jackson was the silver medalist at the Olympics 1988 in Seoul on the 200!!!!!! She is very tall and knows the struggles of having long legs 😜 so I talked to her and she wants me to go train in Jamaica with her… I’ll have to think about it.




After all these emotions we had to go party a little. The older national relay team had to forget the fact that they dropped the baton and the end of their season for most of them. But I’m still very proud of them 😊


Alright I think I’m done but I will get back to you guys after my last meets to talk about all the CHANGES for next season! It’s going to be a new start 😍❤️

Lot of love 😘

WJC 2014 🇺🇸

WAOW! 😍😍 Where should I start ?
On July 14th me and the Swiss team took off for Salem (Oregon,USA) for a training camp before the World junior Championships in Eugene. We practiced hard and the conditions were perfect: between 80 and 95 degrees everyday, the track was just next to the dorms and the food was pretty good too. Then on the 20th we drove to Eugene with the German team (very big team). The meet begun on the 22nd and that’s when magic started 🎊🎆 All these incredible athletes are all here for one goal: represent their country with the best of their ability ! We saw some amazing races like a World record on the 110m hurdles, a great high jumper doing the heptathlon, some fast 100m and a lot more.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty proud of what I did! I ran the 200 against the fastest junior girl in the world this year !! I can actually say that I was in front of her for 90 meters (I was on lane 5 and she had lane 3 that’s why) but it doesn’t matter ! I did my best I ran a good race, I came third and made it to the semi finals 😁
I did all I could in the semi final but it wasn’t enough to make it to the final. I can still say that I’m 11th in the World on the 200m dash and that is pretty damn good !

Now let’s get it with the 4×100 tonight with my Swiss Girls 💖🎉💖🎉

















Diamond League meet

Hey Guys!

So last week I ran at a Diamond league meet in Lausanne (Switzerland) ! It was a great feeling when I got on the track and everybody started screaming ! Of course it wasn’t for me 😂 but it was still heart warming ! Unfortunately, we had a bad relay (it’s a little my fault 😢) so the time was extremely bad..
After the meet, I was so lucky to go sleep at the Mövenpick Hotel in Lausanne where I shared a room with the pretty Irina Strebel (100mH). Let me tell you that the room and the food were just perfect.

I had the chance to meet and talk to a lot of athletes and Olympians ! That’s crazy to be at the same table than Christophe Lemaitre or Renaud Lavillenie.


I also saw the beautiful Murielle Ahoure from Ivory Coast (my country😍) who ran the 100 in an amazing time of 10″98 !


Kim Collins, Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin, David Oliver, Ryan Bailey, Yohan Blake, Lashawn Merritt, Kirani James, Valery Adams and many more athletes were at the amazing meet that a lot of athletes love.







Eugene I’m coming 🎉

SOOOO This weekend I had my first track meet in
Switzerland 😋 I had to go all the way to Rapperswil in St-Gallen… It took me about 3 hours to get there but luckily the weather was great.
So my goal for this summer was to qualify for World Junior in Eugene (USA) Well guess what ?! I did at my first meet 🎉 I’m not going to lie I was very anxious about it because I’ve been hurt for 3 weeks now and I only had 3 practices the week before.. But I guess my coach knows what I need to be ready so I went out there and ran the first 150m the best I could and slowed down the last 50m because of my hamstring…
I ran the 200m dash in 24″33, I know the time is not good but it will be faster don’t worry 😉
Lots of love 💕


ALOOORS ! Ce weekend j’ai eu ma première compétition en Suisse 😋 et j’ai du aller jusqu’à Rapperswil à St-Gall ce qui m’a pris 3 heures mais heureusement la météo a été clémente!
Bon alors mon but pour cet été c’était une qualification pour les Championnats du Monde Junior à Eugène USA.. Eh ben devinez quoi?!?! C’est fait 😍 Je ne vais pas mentir, j’étais ultra stressée parce que je suis blessée depuis 3 semaines et que je n’ai pu m’entraîner que 3 fois la semaine d’avant.. Mais mon entraîneur sait quoi me faire faire pour que je sois en forme apparemment 😉
Donc j’ai couru les 150 premiers mètres et j’ai relâché sur la fin pour ne pas forcer sur mon ischio. J’ai donc couru le 200m en 24″33 je sais que le temps est plus que moyen mais ça va aller plus vite vous inquiétez pas 😘

Des bisous et beaucoup d’amour 💕

Salut tout le monde ! Je me présente, je m'appelle Sarah et je suis une athlète suisse courant le 100m et le 200m. Des bisous et beaucoup d'amour / Hi guys ! Let me introduce myself :) My name is Sarah and and I'm a track runner from Switzerland who runs the 100m dash and the 200m dash. Lots of love